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Ahoj From Prague!

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To be completely honest, I am surprised that I made it to Prague after the lack of planning and preparation completed in Sydney.

Going as a group of 4, Gerard, Jayesh, Phong and myself set off for the 24 hour journey towards Spain in an effort to get away from the cold weather of Sydney. Being my first time in Europe, I didn’t know what to expect of a continent consisting of so many different cultures, languages and perspectives.

Arriving in Barcelona, we decided to cycle around the city and up a mountain in 38 degree weather for some reason. I remember thinking that exchange is about doing different things and having many stories of near death experiences from a variety of situations. Following Barcelona was Ibiza, known as one of the most famous party islands in the world.


Jumping off a cliff into crystal clear water (with the added bonus of Phong almost dying from rocks near the surface), partying with the likes of Kygo, Lost Frequencies, Oliver Nelson and Jonas Blue, and rocking side to side in a party boat were the main highlights of this intensely energetic island. It was strange to see a different way of living (and partying) across the world. Sleep deprived and aching everywhere, our next destination was Milan.


We purposely slotted in Milan to attempt to recover after Ibiza. In a super cool hostel, we met a bunch of new people (and reunited with fellow Australians), had pasta and lasagne and saw the beautiful architecture that the city had to offer. We continued our relaxation into the Greek Islands.


Facing the East, we were finally able to see the beautiful ocean sunset we have been deprived of from living in Sydney. Eating good food, walking along the beach and forcing Jayesh to take photos of me for Instagram, Paros was a refreshingly calm island that gave fantastic haircuts.


From Paros, we continued onto Mykonos. Seeing the famous windmills, driving into a ditch with ATVs and sipping on Bacardi + Sprite (courtesy of Gerard) with a view of the ocean from our villa, this island was a pleasant way to end the pre-adventures of Prague.


So far, Prague has been wonderfully eye-opening with its unique people, culture and language that allows me to grow outside of my comfort zone. I am both excited and frightened by the prospect of living here for 4 months, but am glad to be surrounded by such diverse individuals.

After being in Europe for almost a month now, you start to miss random things from Sydney like free water in a restaurant (you have to pay for it), accessible toilets (normally paid again) and English on packaging when you go shopping (took us 20 minutes to find out the difference between butter and margarine).

I am not exactly sure what to expect within the next few months but hope that I come home with new stories, adventures and perspectives on… everything.

Yong Rhee – 97116317

Bachelor of Information Technology, Co-Op

University of Economics, Prague


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