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About a year ago, after I finished my first semester at UTS, I started to question myself what do I want to do before I graduate. I realise I want more than just passing all my subjects and getting a certificate after three years. So, the word ‘exchange’ pops into my mind, as I believe I can explore different cultures and have unique experiences during the exchange programme. To be honest, planning to go on an exchange is so much harder than I thought. There are lots of research and paper work to do, such as finding direct equivalent subjects, budgeting and getting all the required documents ready. The process of preparing to go on an exchange is long but time files and the day of leaving Sydney had arrive. I was so scared and excited the night before departure; scared about leaving my comfort zone and excited about starting a “new life”.

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My “new life” begins with catching the same morning flight with my three exchange buddies who also studies at UTS and have put Singapore as their first preference for the exchange programme.

Exchange Buddies
Me & My lovely exchange buddies

After we have got our luggage and bought our sim card, we caught an uber to the NTU campus as we all live on campus but just at different halls. My new home is a double- bed (shared) room with air-condition at Hall 12 (located at the north of campus). After settling at my new home and bought all the essentials, it is time to explore Singapore and Nanyang Technology University.

Nanyang Technology University is so big and it has everything you need (e.g. supermarket, convenient stores, gym, Maccas etc). Luckily, I haven’t got lost but it does take a little bit of time to figure out where the lecture and tutorial rooms are. There are many food courts (aka canteens) at the campus with variety choice of food (e.g. Korean, Indian, Japanese etc.), not to mention, most of them are very cheap compare to Australia.  Enrolling to the subjects is more difficult than I thought but with the help of the officers at NTU, I manage to enrol to all the subjects I need.

Even though I have only started my new life for three weeks, I have already visited many places in Singapore and eaten a lot of delicious food.   And here we go:

Fireworks on the National Day of Singapore (9/8/2017)
Sentosa Merlion
Visiting Sentosa a day after we arrive (Sentosa Merlion & Me)




Brunch with Girl
Brunch @ PS Cafe Orchard Road With My Girls


That’s all for now~I am looking forward to explore more in the following semester!!! STUDY HARD,PLAY HARD & TRAVEL HARD!!

(I must say thank you to my father. With his passionate about travelling, I have got a chance to travel at many courtiers when I was a child and with no doubt, Singapore is one of the them. I wish I can be the tour guide and take him around Singapore this time.)

Siu Victoria Wing Ki    12584619

Bachelor of Communication

Nanyang  Technological University, Singaore

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