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Living the Canadian Dream



The start of semester is almost here, a fact I’ve been happy to avoid thinking about during my month of travelling en route to Toronto. Going on exchange has already brought me to some amazing places and introduced me to some awesome people.

My trip started with a week in Los Angeles, where I visited Santa Monica, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and spent more money shopping than I care to admit.  I then flew to Vancouver for a Contiki tour of the Canadian Rockies. All I can say is WOW! The scenery is unbelievably beautiful and the villages are like streets of fairy tale cottages surrounded by mountains.

In Whistler, I rode the gondola, went zip-lining, paddled a canoe in a Canadian lake and explored the village. Next stop Jasper, filled with lakes and more mountain scenery. I went white water rafting on the Fraser River, visited the reflective Pyramid Lake and went on a boat cruise of Maligne Lake (cue more blue water). On the way to Banff I visited the Athabasca Glacier and completed the day with visits to Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. I could never get sick of those views.


After a week in the incredible city of Vancouver, I finally caught my flight to Toronto, my new home. To arrive in a bustling big city atmosphere like Toronto after a few weeks surrounded by mountains was a shock but a good one nonetheless. Toronto is like Sydney in many ways, with a waterfront space, universities, business buildings and Chinatown all located in the downtown area.

Within a day of arriving in Toronto, I had met ten new exchange students for drinks through a Ryerson organised Facebook group. Each day we have explored the city together, with new people coming along each time. On the second day, we cycled around Toronto Islands and chilled on the beach with people from France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and Australia. We have also explored the Kensington Market area, exploding with vintage shops. Our group went to the baseball and enjoyed the atmosphere of thousands of dedicated locals who love their team.

One of the best experiences so far was the start of O’Week. DJ’s, photo booths, pep rallies, cheerleaders and dance offs at basketball games are just some of the events which have taken place already. One great reason to choose a North American university for exchange is the university atmosphere and the school spirit here. Everyone at the basketball wore their Ryerson t-shirts and cheered for their team. I guess I better get myself a hoodie and join in the fun.

I can’t wait to move into my dorm this week and meet more exchange students. Oh! And go to class…I suppose that’s what I’m here for! Until then, more adventures await.

Michaela Curry

B Business B Creative Intelligence and Innovation

Ryerson University


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