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Jumping into my Slovenian Exchange

BelgradeTwo years ago I was about to start my degree, contemplating whether/where to go on exchange. I had just finished my gap-year, during which I had travelled through Europe, and I was longing for a way to go back and stay longer. Now, half way through my degree, I’m about to commence exchange in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, a small country of former Yugoslavia. I’m going to be studying abroad for one semester, and will be away for a total of eight months. I left Australia in mid-July, with exchange allowing me to travel to Greece, Serbia, Croatia, London, Italy and Slovakia prior to commencing my studies in Slovenia.

I am hoping that this experience will enrich my capacity as a student of a Bachelor of Global Studies. I couldn’t think of a better way to prepare myself for the work I hope to undertake abroad- in similar circumstances in which you are new and foreign and must learn and adapt to the customs of your destination. I will be completing elective subjects at the Faculty of Economics, focusing on subjects that concern globalisation- relating perfectly to my degree.

I also chose to go on exchange in order to challenge myself- to have to save money and support myself outside of the comfort and usual routine of home. It will be a huge period of growth as I live completely independent of my parents in a new environment.

Studying in Europe also means that there is the opportunity for weekend trips, with everything seeming impossibly close in comparison to the isolated nature of Australia. In a matter of a few hours one can travel from Slovenia to Hungary, Austria, Italy or Croatia. A few friends from home are also studying abroad throughout Europe and we can visit each other throughout the semester.

I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow students who will also be on exchange, with this common factor creating a community of students from all corners of the globe, each sharing elements of our various cultures. This exchange will also provide me with insight into a different schooling system.

I have a few more weeks of travelling before I arrive in Ljubljana to attend the orientation days and meet the ‘buddy’ that will introduce me to fellow students and ensure that my semester abroad runs smoothly.

Sarah Morris
Bachelor of Global Studies
The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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