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Berlin Beginings

Berlin is great. You already knew that. But it is great!

Arriving early march was painful, coming from the lovely warm spa town of Baden-Baden in germany’s south. I had known this cold before but the wind was bitter. My roomate revealed to me, that the repressing cold only made the locals want to go out with greater desire, party harder and return to their rugs and heaters. The beer is cheap with food, art and cinema everywhere – the city burns at night against the cold.

I’ve been here 5 weeks now and spring is finally here! Overseas travel has always been through a winter lens and this wind change is so so welcome. I don’t start architecture till next week, attending instead the pre-semester german intensive course which has been a great deal of fun. Many lazy afternoons of sun in the parks, on the roof, walking the dog (non-dorm living bonus) and cosying in bed with ALL of the shows we never get to watch. Cooking, drinking, games, boogying.

Berlin is an excellent city to experience fresh. The crowds are just all so young and vibrant and everywear. The architecture has needed some getting used to, the city centre is infamously barrren of greenery and hosts much awkward soviet era detailing in its facades. Whilst everything is just. so. big. Walking one block takes five minutes where a single building is over 200 meters long. Concrete is the dominant material in winter but as spring stretches its feathers the city wakes up.

It’s been 5 months since the 16/16 Exhibition last year and class still doesn’t start here till two weeks from now. Very surreal getting the emails about assessments due for the buds at home whilst deep in a smoky bar at 5am. I’m unsure what to expect about the architecture faculty here. We take for granted our online resources back home. Here we have to enrol to each class in person and recieve our grades verbally. The graduates i’ve met have told me to have faith, it’s all good. I’m keen to see how UTS sizes up globally and get a taste for german design.

This is the last week of freedom, many things still to do. I chose to find my own place oppose to dorm living as it is not as romantic here compared to other cities. It’s meant a heap of emailing and moving around often. A long-term place should be on the way this week – we shall see. Looking forward to eveything hitting me!


Jed Finnane   //   11996865   //   B. Design in Architecture   //   DAB

Technische Universität Berlin

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