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Predeparture preparations for Indonesia

Indonesia has 17,508 islands, with many cultures and over 300 native languages. Language can create barriers when trying to interact and communicate with people in a foreign country. I believe communication is imperative, as it helps you to understand the culture and history and allows you to connect with people from different backgrounds. As I prepare myself for a four-week long journey to Indonesia, I think about my goals and what kind of relationships I hope to make with the people I will soon be working with.

Personal Goals

As my departure is approaching, I take a step back to acknowledge myself and my goals. I believe time is a valuable thing, and although four weeks may sound like a decent amount of time to be in one country, it will be ending before I know. So, cherishing every moment I get from the time I step off the plane, to my first conversations, and figuring my own way around, is something I am prepared to endeavor. I plan to spend my personal time getting acquainted with the locals and experiencing a new culture. I’m always intrigued with learning about traditions, religions, and language because it allows me to make deeper and more meaningful connections with the people that I meet. From studying the language to working in the office, I hope that I establish lasting friendships that will be meaningful even after I leave.

After researching and applying to the international internship program, I knew this was an opportunity I needed to take for myself. It is a chance for me to improve my soft skills, for lasting memories, and for knowledge and experience, which will make me a stronger and more relatable person.

Professional Goals

The next four weeks will be filled with linguistic studies, cultural practices, and work related experiences. I expect there to be a handful of new information streaming in as I hurry to digest it. I strive to walk away from each experience learning something that will be purposeful and valuable for my future. The company I will be working with will be my first step into the career field of my choice. I hope to gain a better scope and insight into Human Resources. The tools I will be learning will benefit me in future work opportunities as I prepare myself to step out into the workforce. Although it seems a bit intimidating to be surrounded in such a new and unknown environment, I plan to walk in ready to learn and work hard with my teammates.

“What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.” 

Benjamin Franklin Fairless

With my bags packed full of souvenirs and Tim Tams, I am ready to embrace the journey ahead!

Lauren Howe 🙂

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