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The Experience: My Journey to Japan

It has been almost two months now since arriving in Japan and it’s safe to say that I have settled in nicely – it feels very much like home now.

I live in a small town called Fujimidai which resides within Nerima, a special ward of Tokyo. It is very fascinating that even amongst the bustling and crowded areas of Tokyo there are also quaint suburban ones like Fujimidai. I already know all of the best places to shop at for cheap food or for anything I might need and have even made friends with some of the shop owners. Two of my main hotspots include a local “Daiso” which sells almost all their products for ¥100 (mainly use for picking up stationary or general stuff for my room etc.), and a small grocery store shown in the image below. There are larger supermarkets in the area but this one is very cheap and has pretty much everything I’ve need, although occasionally I go to “Lawsons 100” which is another great ¥100 grocery store.


One of my favourite grocery stores

As for my actual accommodation I am staying at DK House Tokyo, Nerima and it has been great so far. Absolutely no complaints about the facilities and the people are delightful! DK House has an amazing mix of international students and Japanese locals so it’s an amazing place to make new friends and learn about different cultures. The Japanese locals are also extremely kind and have helped showed me around on various occasions.


Photo of the DK House residents during our Welcome Party

In regards to my studies, I have been quite enjoying my time at Sophia University. They set me up with a student mentor who helped show me around until I got settled. In general the people are very polite and always willing to help, so even when my mentor was busy I was fine. I am studying within the Science and Technology Faculty which has an extremely small amount of subjects taught in English and many of them require a lot of Science and Engineering background knowledge. The Faculty of Liberal Arts is another faculty which teaches exclusively in English so you have a plethora of choices. If I was going to do this all again I would have enrolled in the Faculty of Liberal Arts – it even had subjects more relevant to my course back home (I study Information Technology at UTS).


Photo of the main gate at Sophia University

There are plenty of sites to see in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, too many to list in fact, so I’m not going to talk about them too much. However I do recommend that you try out as many “themed cafes” as you can (i.e. rabbit, cat, snake, hedgehog, maid, robot) as they are all very unique to Japan.

My time in Japan so far has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life and I’ve loved every minute of it. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in anime, Japanese culture or even someone who just wants to experience something different to what they get in Australia.


Benjamin Gibson

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  1. Wow sounds very homely already 🙂
    Staying for a whole semester right?
    Would be interesting to hear the average route to uni or around town, if you catch the subway at all too.
    Your favorite grocery also looks quite small and warm, is the neighborhood less noisy the main Tokyo?
    I’d guess that way you get some serenity amongst all the bustle, which in turn would be fun to experience every now and then.

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