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First Day in Vienna at WU!

Guten Tag!

I have just spent my first full day at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (aka WU- which is a lot easier to pronounce!). It’s only been a day, so here’s what I think of it all so far!

I arrived the night before Orientation (from Greece) so I woke up early to navigate the transport system in Vienna and was surprised at how easy it is! Vienna is well connected by an underground train system, so from my accomodation in Gasgasse it only took 20 mins by train to get to the WU with zero hassle! It’s a nice change from the Sydney commute.

There are cafes and bakeries everywhere! I had breakfast on campus at Ankerbrot- which is  an Austrian bakery/cafe chain (there are 115 stores in Vienna), it has nice food and setting and it’s good value too (Austria so far has not been as expensive as other people have warned me! I think it’s similar to Australia for cost of living!)

Today I went straight into Orientation (from 9am – 5pm) so this blog is more of a first impressions of the Uni and Vienna in general! Vienna has a massive international community, and so does WU. International students make up 27% of the student population! I was surprised at the diversity of the exchange group I met- I was imagining mainly Americans and Canadians would be doing exchange in Vienna- but there were many that came from Europe- including Germany, Slovakia (literally next door to Austria!).

The WU is very modern, so the orientation was very well organised and clear! In some ways it was almost too information!! We received hundreds of helpful handouts!!wu-orientation

WU does a cultural program which is almost a month long, and is just before semester starts in October! It’s very impressive- we do lots of afternoon activities and day trips/tours to other parts of Austria! There’s also a pre-semester german course to participate in too.

Here’s 5 facts to summarise my first impressions:

  1. The Austrians are quite calm and relaxed (even with the German language!) and I haven’t had any problems with speaking in English!
  2. It’s a very clean and safe city! It’s one of the top liveable cities in the world
  3. It’s a very pretty city too! (and old with history- I’ve got so much to explore) Here’s a picture of one of the streets near Mariahilderstrasse!)vienna-street
  4. Alcohol is suuupper cheap compared to Australia (especially with the group EBN- a student group) They have 0.50Euro cocktails on Monday nights at 7!!!!) The EBN group is amazing with organising student events- I don’t think I’ll ever be bored here!
  5. It’s so easy to travel around from Vienna. It has a large international airport which makes things so easy! (Going to and fro Greece was simple- there’s even Budapest and Prague which are 2 ish hours away by train!

I’m looking forward to exploring Vienna!!

Clare Sainty-Cope





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