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Delightful Delft

Setting down in the Netherlands after a 30 hour travel stint was a warm and welcome sight! Being rushed through Schilpol

Airport with a huge bunch of international students and piling into a bus that would give us our first viewing of our new university home for the next six months was a crazy whirlwind of nationalities, languages and cultures!

We drove through Amsterdam on the way to Delft and the sun was shining on vast green fields, littered with windmills. Very picturesque.

After we were unpacked from the bus, we took our first breath of the TU Delft campus. It was so strange to see the iconic library building and the campus that I had spent so long googling and researching about, I was seeing it in the flesh!

The campus is ginormous! At home, design shares one building where the classrooms and facilities are shared between the facilities. At TU Delft, there are individual buildings for the faculties where IDE has a dedicated building bigger than DAB! The workshop has a plethora of machines and equipment as expected, but the drawing room walls are lined with iconic design items of the past. The open spaces and natural light breed creativity and inspiration.

Our first two weeks consisted of o week style activities, where we explored the town, partied and made heaps of friends! I’ve turned into a local, cycling through the city, drinking beer and eating so much cheese! I just need a pair of clogs.

As part of the introduction program, we were put into groups and given a Dutch city that we had to represent in a carnival float. My team created a cycling frog, embodying the Den Bosch way of life!

Last night we ventured to Rotterdam to go see Afrojack, and returned in the early hours of the morning! There’s nothing like cycling home at sunrise!

I’m on my way to Linz, Austria to go and visit some design exhibitions as part of my Interactive Environments Minor, and will definitely embrace the easy access to Europe while I’m here!

So far my time here in the Netherlands has been amazing, I’m so excited for what is left to come!


Samantha Hurwitz – IPD BCII – 98134036

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