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Copenhagen: the city of castles, Carlsberg and cycling

I can barely believe it’s been a month that I have called this lovely city home.

My first mission when I arrived at my new home, Signalhuset Kollegiet, was to purchase a bicycle. After a little searching around on Facebook pages I managed to secure my pretty bike which has become my bestfriend here.
There is no better way to explore the city than on bicycle as there are cycle paths everywhere. And let’s face it- you definitely need to find some way to work off those kanelsnegls (cinnamon pastries). Also, public transport- while super efficient, is super expensive, so while the sun is still out a bike is your best option.

Jumping into the harbour baths at Islands Brygge:


In my first few weeks here, I decided to take the free pre-semester danish language course offered by København Universitet was a great way to make friends and also learn a few of the basics. You don’t need to know danish to get around by any means but it’s always a good conversation starter and can really help if you decide to visit other parts of Denmark where english is not so widely spoken.

There is lot’s to see and do in Copenhagen- from museums, to Tivoli, music festivals, funky bars, parks, food markets and the picturesque canals. Last month the city came alive for Copenhagen Pride- the equivalent to our Mardi Gras and boy do the danes know how to party. There are also plenty of great day trips on offer. For example, last weekend I visited Børnholm- a danish island off Sweden which is covered in cornfields; quaint, seaside towns and smokehouses selling the danish specialty- smoked herring smørrebrød.

Papirøen food markets:


I have finally started my first week at København Universitet where I will be taking the following law subjects: Health and Human Rights, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Law and Law and Literature. The classes are such an exciting mix of local students as well as students from all over the world.

All in all I can truly say I am coming to love this city more and more- and it hasn’t taken long at all to understand why the danish are some of the happiest people on the planet.

Giselle Capacchione


Bachelor of Medical Science/ Bachelor of Laws


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