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Beautiful Boone

After spending a week in San Fransisco – A truly awesome city, I arrived in Charlotte NC. There were students waiting to pick me up even though my flight had been delayed by hours and take me back to a hotel where we would spend the night. When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to find 100+ exchange students from all over the world slowly filling the breakfast room in the hotel.
We then all jumped on the buses and off we went to Appalachian State University in Boone, two hour drive into the mountains from Charlotte. Btw, Appalachian State University is not a UTS partner but I went to this uni through ISEP program.

When I arrived I was greeted by mountains as far as the eye could see. The town itself is home to a little over 20,000 people of which the overwhelming majority are students. During orientation week, we were shown around the beautiful campus and our dorms. I was fortunate enough to have one of the larger dorms and only need to share the bathroom with one other adjoining room. Pretty soon after getting settled I already had a group of good friends from all over the world as well as some local students.

As ASU is in such an awesome location in the mountains, there are lots of hikes in the area. One of my highlights so far was a night hike that we did. At the end of the hike there was a clearing where you could see the sky with absolutely no artificial light at all. We lay there and watched shooting stars go past for hours. As well as hiking and outdoor activities, there are lots of cool bars around town, all of which have specials like 30c wings or the best tacos I’ve ever had for $2!

I come from Bondi, a pretty big, busy area by the beach – Boone is a small town in the mountains. As different as it is, it’s very refreshing and already feels like home!

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