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Your standard bloke in Denmark

13199531_10206685313040499_1800567849_oAnd here I am, almost four months in and I’m that Aussie bloke that needs to explain his unusual slang to not just the native Danes but the Sweeds, the Norweigiens and much more, it sounds like a struggle but they find it quite amusing and I’m always so eager to teach them more.

At first it was so hard to remember the names of over forty European names in my class but eventually I see them everyday in class and realise they all have a unique charm, they are the friendliest people always looking for a nice causal conversation and always greeting the occasional stranger.

Despite living away from home on my own and cooking the good old traditional meatballs and potatoes dish for lunch everyday, I always found it so easy to blend in to the culture, I never had a hard time settling in to my student dorm or finding someone to enjoy my food with, the country is surrounded by a benevolent atmosphere. The classes are very realaxing and have a very open structured time schedule allowing for flexible travel around europe and there are always events in this small city every week to take part of; these range from a simple yoga gathering in the park to a river rattling “liquid drinking”canoe race, none of them ever being a bike ride away.

To conclude my blog the only thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to convince more people from UTS to go on exchange, it is one of the best trips I have experienced so far and i’ve made many promises to my international friends that we would one day cross paths. Hope you’ve had a nice read mates, I think its time for the daily grub with my Finnish and Norweigien friends and I still don’t even know their names….just kidding

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