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Being an Exchange student is sometime challenging. You have to away from you home country, family and uni and sometime you feel nostalgic and miss your friends. However, 3 months of my experience in Milan, italy is so amazing that you hardly think about all the things that u had to leave behind.

Firstly Being in Europe gives you a lot of chances to travel many countires. I have visited quite a few cities that ive dreamed of before semester begins. I went to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Prague, Budapest in 20 days. It was first time travelling by myself, so i was a little bit scared but at the same time it was super exciting. Its definitely a life time experience that id never forget.

I fianlly reach Milan in the beginning of march and go to uni called Politecnico di Milano. People in italy are generally very kind and willing to help you. I had no problem making some local friedns at uni. This Uni is quite different to UTS in so many way. For example, their teaching style with different apprach to design process is quite unique and very interesting. And they value more of engineering field of architecture. So we get to learn more of structure and mechanism behind designing an architecture.

The city, Milan is one of the most unique city that ive ever been. They have many delicious Milanese foods, crazy about fashion and art and fianlly its very easy to travel to other cities in Italy, as the transportstion is well developed and there are tons of buses and trains departs from Milan Centrale. Sometime my friends and i go to visit other city durig the weekend for 1 or 2 days. Florence was one of the unforgettable destination so far. The whole city was alive museum. Every street are very old and feels like you are in the past, couple of hundreds years back.

I am writing this now on the bus with all my class mates on the way to foundation of Renzo Piano in Genoa, one the famous port city.

I am enjoying this exchange program every single bit and very thanksful for uts exchange team for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Dongyun Lee _12012530

B Design in Architecture

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