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The first rule of the Rotterdam Club…

  1. DON’T buy a 30 Euro bike from a junkie.

Yes, everyone in the Netherlands rides bicycles. It is more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and safer than walking or driving. Roads and traffic lights are constructed specifically for cyclists and most of the time, they have right of way. So now you need a bike to fit in with the crowd, save money, be good to the environment, and to have a ride home when the trams and the metro stops at night. You can buy a decent second hand bike from bike repair shops or from other people for about 70 – 100 Euros. Bikes from the shops are checked and won’t be registered under someone else’s name.

All sorts of groovy bikes to choose from!
All sorts of groovy bikes to choose from!
  1. DO buy a good bike lock.

You’ll need it to protect your bike from said junkies who steal bikes to make money from them. How much is a sturdy lock? You’re looking at 20 – 30 Euros. What does the lock look like? Check out the one below!

bike lock
Security game strong.
  1. GET a Rotterdam Pass.

This little voucher book will give you discounts to so many cool places around town and will be your excuse to take advantage of all the freebies whilst exploring! It’s almost like our version of the Entertainment Book. Included are reduced prices to museums and other activities, discounted meal deals (yes, pizza and kebabs included), and free ice-cream.

Finger-lickin’ good…
  1. FORGET your umbrella at home.

Invest in a rainjacket and waterproof shoes instead. You can’t juggle an umbrella whilst riding your bike in the rain. We’re talking about practicality here.

Very appropriate investment indeed!
  1. TAKE advantage of the scenery and the people.

Rotterdam is wonderful because there is a balance of modern and traditional buildings. It also has water everywhere so you’re sure to take some cool pictures. This city is also extremely international. University students come from all over the place to study here and the corporate world is quite mixed too. Everyone is lovely and welcoming. The university also hosted 250 refugees in our sport building for a week. Everyone’s morale was definitely boosted!

Citysccape just outside my local supermarket... no complaints here.
Cityscape just outside my local supermarket… no complaints here.
  1. BE PREPARED to feel short.

If you don’t have Dutch genes, you’ll either have to make up for the height difference by wearing a top hat or heels and a tiara.

I didn't even make shoulder height.
I didn’t even make shoulder height.
  1. GO to the markets!

They’re magical places full of fresh food and cheap goodies. It’s a great place to meet locals as well as practice your Dutch language skills.

Markthal, Rotterdam Blaak.
Markthal, Rotterdam Blaak.

So… are you ready to join the club?

IMG_20150904_233403 IMG_20150904_233732 IMG_20150911_134027 IMG_20150927_090328

Winnie Yip – 12020792

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