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It’s been almost 2 months since I arrived in Copenhagen. After travelling for a few months prior, it was refreshing to finally settle into somewhere I could call home. The first few weeks were extremely busy and filled with a Danish crash course and introduction week activities ranging from Danish folk dancing to bowling and an international buffet.


The university that I am studying at (Copenhagen Business School or CBS) is amazing and prepared social activities for the 800 or so incoming exchange students, which was a great way to meet people and learn more about the Danish culture as well as other nationalities. Despite the fact that everyone here speaks perfect English, it has been fun trying (and I stress trying) to learn the language. It is incredibly difficult to pronounce and the Danish language has been likened to speaking with a mouthful of potatoes.


One of my favourite things about this city is how easy it is to get around on your bike. The bike lanes are plentiful and it’s normal to ride home with your friends after a night out. It’s also a very cheap mode of transport which comes in handy when a small coffee and piece of cake can set you back more than $15! Although Copenhagen can be quite expensive, there are some great stores such as Tiger which is an amazing (and cheap) store filled with everything you could ever need – a mixture between Ikea and the dollar shop.



The classes here although interactive are also quite relaxed and it’s definitely easy to travel around throughout the semester as all the subjects are 100% finals so there are no mid semester tests or assignments to tie you down. I’ve been to Berlin, London and am off to Munich for Oktoberfest this weekend, but despite all the travels I’ve been finding myself wanting to stay in Copenhagen as there is so much to do here. There is no shortage of second hand markets, free concerts, art fairs, food markets, park parties and much more!

I couldn’t recommend Copenhagen enough and am already trying to figure out how to stay longer!

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Kira Jang


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