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Berlin: In to the Underworld

As you step out off the plane you walk into the supposedly magical city of Berlin. You’ve heard so much about it and have never heard anyone say a bad thing about it. Looking around it seems like just another city, but you soon realise it is so much more than that.

Within the city as you walk builds will stand out to you. Yes there are the classic apartment blocks, shops, houses and things, but in between you can catch a glimpse of Berlin’s underbelly. Nestled in between buildings small run down abandoned buildings catch your eye. The extravagant graffiti covering them causes your curiosity to bubble as you are drawn for a closer look. Ah, just another pile of abandoned concrete, left to die. Yet at night, these buildings come alive!

Berlin is everything people have said it would be! The architecture is amazing, the juxtaposition of high rises next to abandoned lots. Huge graffiti murals covering every wall. Trams and tram tracks covering every inch of the city. It is exactly how I imagined.

HTW is made up of two campuses with a tram that takes about 30 minutes to get between them.  One of the campuses has a beach and they’re relatively easy to find your way around.Each has a cafeteria with really good food for extremely cheap student prices! But as all food is cheap in Berlin so if you are craving a 2 euro kebab there will be one only a short walk away. I am yet to start actual classes as the semester doesn’t begin until October but I am very excited to start!

The student housing at Victor Jara is quite a way from both campuses unfortunately. The cost itself is very cheap at about $360 a month but quite basic and for internet you have to pay for the option the housing provides but it doesn’t really work.

The nightlife is where Berlin truly comes alive. That street you passed with the abandoned mass of mortar is now beating like a heart as techno music is blasted inside. A queue of people all in black wait outside just hoping to be let in. It is 2am and the night is only just beginning. Then you enter into the Berlin underworld, which is truly another world.
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