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Hello from Vienna!

Hi All,

Well it’s been two weeks into my one year masters and it feels like I’ve been living here for months (barring the fact that I have terrible German and I get lost almost every second day in the city). So much has happened in such a small space it’s hard to capture it all in one blog!

For anyone who doesn’t know Vienna there is one word that sums up the city… Culture!! There is so much culture here it may even leave an impression on the countless Americans in the exchange programme… Then again maybe not! But speaking of which I would say that the different cultural activities are the best part of the city… Already I’ve drunk spritzer in the sun while watching a classical concert, attended an modern art gallery opening, and watched a human beatbox perform at a buskers festival. Key thing for all of these things is ‘Free’!

I have also come up with conclusion that I will be adding 20-30kg to my weight after seeing the type of food and drink I’ll be consuming this year. I have to warn all vegetarians… pack a lunch. In Austria if there is anything better than meat, it’s meat stuffed with cheese followed closely by a thick german pancake drenched in marmalade and honey!! So bring those fat pants!!

But these Viennese do know how to live. Be prepared to spend hours in cafes contemplating the meaning of life, drinking good wine amongst the vineyards; and enjoying all the music, architecture and art that you can take!

As for university… It hasn’t started yet but already I have met the best people from all over the world and here in the city. The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to come here is, get to know people. Not only are you going to make some of the best friends, but you will experience more of what these locals see as just normal living… And I’m only in week 2! Can’t wait to see how things are going to look in week 52!!

Matthew Pearce- 11844267

It's amazing the things you find at a modern art gallery!
It’s amazing the things you find at a modern art gallery!
Sometimes it's cold!
Sometimes it’s cold!
The Naschmarkt has everything!
The Naschmarkt has everything!
What's better than drinking wine... Drinking wine in a vineyard.
What’s better than drinking wine… Drinking wine in a vineyard.

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