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Vienna University of Business and Economics, WU

Hi everyone!

My name is Nadja and I am an international student from UTS.

I had the wonderful opportunity to fly to Europe and spend the summer semester (UTS Autumn) in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria

Because at first I didn’t know that international students are allowed to go on exchange too, I decided to tell you a bit about my experience and how the application process and my first weeks here went!

The application Process The whole application process with UTS and WU were surprisingly simple and straightforward. You fill out the application to UTS and at the beginning of the next semester you will be notified whether you have been nominated and to which of your preferences. For the further application to WU, you just have to fill out an online sheet with your personal data. After a few days you will receive your confirmation of enrollment which brings us to the next part: Housing Options WU sent me a friendly email to check if I would like to live in one of the student housings. Most of the housing options in Vienna are centrally organized by OEAD. This means that students of all Universities in Vienna will live together, which is fun because you will meet people from different backgrounds. However, this also means that your friends may live all the way across the city. As I said before, the selection of housing options is massive and vary greatly in terms of prices and quality. I chose a shared flat in ‘Gasgasse’ which is one of the largest dorms and newly built. Public transportation is very simple, there are trains every 5 minutes and you can buy a semester ticket for 150 Euro which is also a good deal! gasgasse Gasgasse Building


Vienna is the beautiful capital of Austria and it offers the perfect mix of cultural activities and nightlife. On top of that, it is perfectly located in central Europe which makes it a great base for your travels in Europe (By train it’s just 1 hour to Bratislava, 2.5 hours to Budapest and close to Germany as well). Vienna is proud of its heritage with numerous castles like Schloss Schönbrunn, Schloss Belvedere and the imperial castle. The Museumsquartier is a whole little universe of art, architecture, music cafés and bars. But if you want to act like a real local, hang out at the square and bring your own drinks (Yes, public drinking is legal in Europe!). Also, the nightlife in Vienna is great: At the beginning you will probably go to the EBN (Exchange Student Network) parties to meet new people but then you will see that there are bars and clubs for every taste 😉 Schloss Schönbrunn gloriette Schloss Schönbrunn Gloriette

WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

WU is the largest business school in Europe and has a very good reputation in the field of Economics and related areas. The uni offers a large variety of courses taught in English which are not too time consuming or difficult. The campus is very modern and has many facilities and cafés. WU’s  exchange network also offers many activities, like trips to spas, lasertag or trips to other cities in Europe. In my few weeks in Vienna, I made a lot of friends from all over the world. An exchange is something that lets you experience so many new things and Vienna is a great place to go to: Perfectly located, a vibrant nightlife andgood Uni as well 😉


 One of the WU Buildings

Nadja Sigmund

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