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Life in Berlin

My first impressions of Berlin were COLD! I had been here as a tourist but it completely different when you are living in a country. The first few weeks are spent setting up your life which is a lot more interesting in German!

It certainly helps that you are surrounded by a group of people who are going through exactly the same things you are and have the same drive to explore the new city you all find yourselves in. Berlin really is a city for everyone. It has a great nightlife, amazing history, incredible museums and above all is a place that you just want to wander around all day. I was also really surprised by how diverse the food is! I was expecting schnitzels and pretzels everywhere but it actually has a very strong Turkish influence so I have been eating more kebabs than anything!

I haven’t started Uni yet but had a compulsory 2 week German course. This really helped with the basics so that you can pick up bits and pieces everywhere. Most people speak English but it is fun trying to learn the language. Google translate also comes in handy!

After freezing for the first few weeks I decided to make the most of the cold and book a ski trip. I went to Saalbach in Austria with another student. We had so much snow whilst we were there and it truly felt like a winter wonderland. We were staying right on the slopes so you could ski in and out of the hotel which was awesome. The different seasons are really nice. Berlin is starting to get warmer and the trees are getting blossoms on them which look really beautiful.

Travelling around Europe is really easy! I have already booked my next trip to Amsterdam for King’s day. I have been really lucky with my timetable and have 4 day weekends so I have a lot more travelling ahead of me.

I am looking forward to getting to know my new home better. Every day really is a new adventure.

Exchange has really put me outside my comfort zone but not even a month into it and I’d say it is one of the best decisions I have made. I would encourage anyone who can to take advantage of it.


St Patrick’s day celebrations
Brandenburg Gate
Sightseeing in Berlin
Lots of Beer!
Skiing on the Austrian Alps
Much deserved break on the slopes
Breakfast with a view in Austria
Breakfast with a view in Austria

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