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Greetings from Delft

My time studying architecture in Delft so far has been extremely rewarding. TU Delft has a large architecture school with fantastic facilities including a model fabrication workshop with lasercut, CNC, vacuum forming, woodwork and 3D print facilities, orange lecture stairs (see image) and architecture library. The approach to design education has its similarities and differences, but being able to experience architectural study in a new country with a different approach is such an invaluable thing. I have already learnt so much.

Attending one of many free public lectures.
Attending one of many free public lectures
View from my apartment, Delft
View from my apartment in Delft

The Netherlands is an amazing country. The Dutch are such lovely, down to earth and direct people. Although I don’t quite understand the staple diet that at lunch appears to consist of bread, cheese, more bread and milk.

There is a real appreciation for good design and pushing boundaries in Architecture, particularly in Rotterdam, which suffered greatly during WWII but in rebuilding has become something of an architecture playground.


It is really easy to travel around to its many different cities via the rail network. Unlike Australia, you can travel across the country in a couple of hours and I’ve seen some beautiful architecture and gorgeous streets and canals in Utrecht, Amsterdam, the Hague and Rotterdam. The Dutch love to cycle and it is a great way to get around and see a city.

The Hague
The Hague
Bike-lined canals in Utrecht
Bike-lined canals in Utrecht
Rietveld Shroder house, Utrecht

Travelling to neighbouring European countries is a also such a breeze. So far I’ve been to Denmark but I’ve got a massive Europe to-do list that includes Turkey, Paris, Prague, Budapest and more!

Cycling is the best way to get around.
Cycling is the best way to get around.

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