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De Nederland

Delft by Day

The city of Delft in the Netherlands has been my home for the past 2 months.

Arriving here a week before classes and in mid winter was a little shocking. Coming from the 24 hour environment of UTS architecture and the non-stop traffic on Broadway, Delft felt like a very sleepy, quiet village.

Shiny Delft

Though, as the introduction program kicked off and classes started up, Delft transformed into a non-stop student party. It was during these first weeks that I got to know the people who are now my close friends.

Beer Olympics

The international scene in Delft is huge! I’ve met people from pretty much all over the world and many of whom are in the same boat as me; study abroad students who are open to new experiences, friendships and discovering new places.


Perhaps one of the best things about Delft is its location. The Netherlands is really like one big city. With an OV Chipcard I can be in Amsterdam within an hour and Rotterdam in less than 20 minutes. Belgium is an easy weekend trip and London is around the corner. This freedom to travel means I am away most weekends exploring Europe with old and new friends.


Now, 2 months in, I feel I have really settled into the rhythm of life in the Netherlands. I have started to figure out what I love (bikes, people, atmosphere, beer) and what I don’t like too much (food, weather) about this country.


Yes, bike culture is enormous here. The Dutch ride rain, hail or shine, with their children and groceries piled on top. The infrastructure here is amazing and it is a joy to ride around Delft and beyond, just make sure you lock up your bike well.

Australians 3

Food here is great for a while but you can only eat so much cheese, waffles and hagelslaag.


As for the TU, the architecture facilities here are amazing. Everything you could possibly need as an architecture student is at your fingertips and the studio environment is productive and creative. It is refreshing to get a new perspective on architecture and I feel as though I’ve learnt the most simply from being surrounded by architecture students from all over the world. Just to see how things are done elsewhere has been extremely beneficial and I can’t wait to get home and apply what I have learnt over here to my work.


I can’t believe I’m half way through already but I’m really beginning to appreciate Delft and what it offers and I can’t wait for the summer to start!

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