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Milan or America?

When it came to deciding where to study abroad, I debated between Italy and America. However, after moving into Residenza Acrobaleno (the exchange dorm at Bocconi University) it’s safe to say I have the best of both worlds. Within my dorm, I get a complete ‘American college experience’ with soo many American students living here. Almost every night there is some form of drinking game prior to venturing into the beautiful city to enjoy an aperitivo and then attending some of the classiest clubs the city of fashion has to offer.

            (Navigli area with new friends)


After travelling through Europe as well as Egypt the last 2 months, it’s definitely nice to settle down in one place for more than a couple of days. The dorm rooms are nicer than expected and everyone I’ve met has been amazing. Classes have yet to start, however I am attending the Italian Crash Course run by Bocconi and am excited to practice my Italian as I explore every inch of Milan as well as the rest of Italy.

                          (Duomo- Milan)


Advice to students in Milan:

1. Everything takes forever and never works the first time- It has taken 3 days just to apply (not receive) a train card, the trams do not follow a schedule, everything starts later than it’s supposed to etc. This is just the Italian way and you eventually just accept it.

2. The stove tops at the dorms are induction so be prepared to spend 40 euro on a pan.

3. Appertivo will give you a drink for 8-10 euro and a free buffet

4. Use ryanair, easyjet and wizzair for cheap flights

5. will light your way

6. Print at least 4 copies of EVERYTHING (passport, visa, insurance, acceptance letter, financial statements etc)

7. Try to speak Italian even if you’re bad at it and even if Italians start to speak English to you- practice makes perfect

8. Food is expensive but alcohol is cheap!


Photos of Random Travels with more to come 🙂

  (Sphinx in Egypt)                                  (Skeleton Bar in Slovenia)           (Wicked Musical in London)


Alexa Jaryn 11396064




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