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Hong Kong Exchange: The Solo Experience

As a Global Studies student exchange has been lingering in my mind since the very first day of university. It was an event so heavily anticipated that its arrival was greeted with sheer denial… but here I am, sitting on the rooftop of my dorm hall, admiring the radiance of the skyline at midnight. Just three days here and I’ve fallen utterly in love with this country; its ambiance, its energy & its amazing people (though not so much its oppressive heat and humidity).


I chose Hong Kong and to do it alone because I wanted to go somewhere new, to become someone better. In a metropolis where millions upon millions of individuals are exchanging thoughts and ideas every single second of the day it’s hard to remain uninspired, nearly impossible to stagnate. In my short time here I’m already beginning to understand Hong Kong is the place to be in the global age; its geographical location and its ability to fuse Eastern and Western culture continuously attract professionals worldwide, rendering a euphoric concentration of talent and capital. It is where your dreams can truly be actualised in a matter of days.

The sunrise that welcomed me on my very first day in Hong Kong


To everyone facing a solo exchange journey I implore you to keep an open mind and to embrace the experience wholeheartedly because it has so much to offer. Getting off the plane in a foreign country with no support system is an intimidating idea but do it. Do it because it will challenge you in ways unbeknownst to you yet, cultivate your persona and solidify your individuality.

You have no past at your destination, no expectations set for you

Just you and who you want to be.


Live a life you’re proud of


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