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Eiffel in love with Paris


It’s been over a week since I’ve arrived in France, and I’m loving every minute! I cannot believe this will be home for the next few months. I’m in Paris! Quoi? PARIS!

IMG_0471I managed to score housing just a 20-minute walk away from the  University of Paris Dauphine; which is a blessing, granted it is next to impossible to find accommodation in the congested, touristy city of Paris. And what’s more? Upon exploring my residential area of Neuilly (pronounced New-ee), I noticed the Eiffel Tower, casually lurking against the skyline just 5 minutes away. Moreover, upon crossing the road just a few streets down, you know how you look left and right, to ensure you won’t get run over by mad cars? I did the obligatory left and right head shaking, et voila:

IMG_0472Seated to my right, was the Arc De Triomphe at the end of the road. On the other side of which, is the Champs Elysées (you know how it goes – “♫ The Champs Elysées is a busy street! Parlez-vous Français? Parlez-vous Français?♫”)

I could get used to this #newHome #newHomies



Looking forward to it all! The dream is to return to Sydney equipped with a fluent French accent, a travel journal that needs more pages, a collection of snow globes from across Europe and an external hard drive overloaded with a billion pictures and videos of my semester on exchange.


Written by Rochelle De Silva


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