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Greetings from Copenhagen!

The city is cooling down already but the party spirit is just beginning. Introduction week at uni is just about to begin, where we have tours around Copenhagen organized, dinner reservations placed and salza dancing set. Then in the housing here we’ve got an ‘etagevandring’ party in two weeks time, where everyone on the same floor (~60 people) gets their drink on and the games begin. And then two weeks after that is the ‘gangvandring’ party, which is the same except with three times as many people and craziness.

As for today, a bicycle trip to enjoy the sun while its still around seemed appropriate. Destination: northern Copenhagen. First we found our bicycles:


And then we found Sweden (you might need to squint):


And then a marina. There were three marinas up the coast that I saw – northern Copenhagen is the real posh part.


And what posh location would be complete without a castle. This here is the Hermitage Palace. The castle grounds went on and on, with wild deers and other wild animals living in the area. At the other side of the palace I could count at least 50 deer grazing on the grass. I guess they need to eat an awful lot now to prepare themselves for the winter.


They also have horse carriages to transport people around the area. You can actually take a horse carriage (or walk) through the grounds to the theme park Bakken. The middle-aged people in this carriage were having quite a party.


And then the last stop was the Skodsborg park. It had a curious entrance through a tunnel underneath the train line. There were deers in here too, along with a large cute wooden forest.


Og nu, jeg glæder mig for at se hvor jeg finder mig selv næste.

Jay Bulgin

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