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Pre-exchange preparations and travels

Like many Australian students travelling abroad for a semester, I was feeling a little nervous. I’d been to Europe before but I’d never actually lived abroad. Here I was sitting in Florence and preparing myself  mentally for the next 6 months of my life in Konstanz, Germany.

It was going to be a new adventure and a new chapter in my life. I’d tried to prepare for it by taking short german language classes in Sydney but I knew it wouldn’t be enough to hold a conversation. I had left Australia on the 15th of july to travel through Europe before my studies began. My short time in Berlin and Vienna had taught me that my limited Deutsch was good enough for simple transactions but nothing more. I had sighed a sigh of relief  when I had realised I had been accepted in the Go-Konstanz intensive german course at the University,that ran for the month of September. I knew that the next time I’d visit Berlin, I would be able to converse further than my Ja, Nein and Danke.

Moving to Konstanz will be a challenging and rewarding experience. I know that I will have to push myself to leave my comfort zone and try all sorts of new things. Having the opportunity to study in Germany is a once in a life opportunity that I will forever remember.

As for now, all that I can do is enjoy the fanastic Italian food in Florence and panoramic views of the city. Once September rolls by, I will begin my new German life as a Konstanz University student.

Florence late August
Florence late August


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