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Copenhagen, Denmark – Adelle Elhosni

It has been two weeks already! They say time flies by when you are having fun – and since arriving in this wonderful city, the experiences, outings and gatherings have been nothing less than fun.

Contrary to the rant of my taxi driver on the way from the airport to my dorm, the people in Copenhagen are welcoming, friendly, and super helpful – especially when trying to distinguish between a litre of milk and yoghurt at the grocery store.

I was welcomed from day go, and by Saturday of week one, had taken to the danish drinking culture at one of the biggest dorm parties I have ever witnessed. The ‘Tour de Tietgen’, a dorm party famous for it’s 11am start and non-stop partying until the early hours of the following day.

A warm reception, and weather to match – the streets are filled with coloured historical buildings that sit along the kanals that divide the city. I have already fit in a tour of Copenhagen, a trip to Kronborg Castle, a crazy metro party, and have much more planned for the coming weeks.

Two weeks in and many more to come – it is exciting to be in this city, exciting to be in Europe with my first trip away set for Rome! Here’s to a great 5 months!

Farvel for now 🙂

Adelle Elhosni



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