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Leaving the Bends

Tis the night before departure and lets be honest its full blown goddamn chaos.

Ive still got an elective report to finish, iTunes library to transport to a new mac that arrived only hours ago, and dinner to eat. At least I think I might almost be close to finished packing, but I dont konw how much it weighs because we don’t have scales.

Im off to TU/e, the Technical University of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, to do a semester of Industrial Design, the dutch way.

My dutch consists of doi doi (bye bye), but everyone assures me they speak better English than we do. I dont have a visa as of yet, but that can be sorted when I get there, writing this is making me freak out as to all the shit i haven’t done, but at least it puts it off for another 5 minutes.

I havent actually thought about leaving really,Β i think when i have an hour to pack every thing up and leave home it will sink in.


Kim Stanek

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