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Westminster Whirlwind


It has almost been three months since living in London- I actually cannot believe how fast time has flown!

Arriving here after a 7 hr flight to Malaysia, followed by a 12hr stop over, a 13hr flight to Amsterdam, and a train to London via Brussels, I was completely and utterly exhausted. I got into my accommodation at Alexander Flemming Halls and thought, “Now what?” But very quickly I made myself at home, saw some of the sights and was excited to explore a new city.

University exchange has been the best thing I could have ever done. In London, there is literally hundreds of things to do so you can never be bored.

I live in Alexander Flemming Halls of Residence in Hoxton/ Shoreditch. This area is THE BEST. It’s an up and coming area with a huge range of bars, clubs, restaurants, gigs and markets. Brick Lane Market is a Sunday highlight for everyone that lives here. Did I mention they have the best beigelsย you will ever try, oh and a donutisserie just opened up in Box Park around the corner. Very dangerous.


My university classes are in the centre of the city. It takes 20 minutes on the tube but basically it is 30 minutes door to door. It doesn’t feel like a long time at all though. London has so many sections and everything is connected in some strange and beautiful way. The one negative of uni being right in the centre is that I pass all the shops on Oxford Street on my way to class- the temptation is unbearable for someone living on a budget.

Classes are very similarly structured seeing as it is an English speaking common law country. However I have found it is much more self directed and you have to take it upon yourself to do further research into areas of interest. This requires motivation which is difficult when Europe is at your doorstep.

Speaking of Europe, it is so easy to get around having London as your home. I have visited Copenhagen and just got back from Dublin for St Patrick’s Day. There is so much to see that I am actually stressed I won’t fit it in!

Everyone has a different experience on exchange. My room mates aren’t overly close with each other but everyone is really friendly. I think this is because we don’t have any sort of common room- only our kitchen and our rooms. Other flats are party animals and host weekend parties, whilst other flats have issues with individuals and cleanliness. I think I managed a good balance although I do wish we were all a bit closer. But hey, there is still time!


Westminster truly feels like home. It is a great environment and I have met some amazing people and will continue to share in some amazing experiences. I don’t even want to think about leaving!


Natasha Cameron



Global Exchange, UK

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