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California Dreaming

Greetings from San Francisco!

Where to begin! This is my first time to San Francisco and I was surprised to find how at home I felt and yet how different it is to Sydney. San Francisco has so much character, and it vastly changes with each area you explore! The Haight, Chinatown, The Mission, Downtown – it all has something unique and beautiful to offer! You can never get bored here. The sights and architecture is what makes San Francisco a filmmakers paradise! Mind you, those steep hills you see in films, it’s really like that here! Prepare to get in shape!

As far San Francisco State University, honestly it has one of the most beautiful campuses and an amazing cinema department and program! Every week there is a new practical assignment, which can be overwhelming at times, but overall is a lot of fun. The professors are all working professionals and have great knowledge of the Hollywood system. Additionally, we often have prominent hollywood professionals come and give guest lectures which anyone can attend, and get the occasional free preview screening of the latest film from Universal Pictures! The sound stage, theatre and it’s equipment was even donated by the Coppola family and rumored Hollywood studios! The props and costume warehouse are to die for, everything you could ever want for your film can be found and borrowed from them. These facilities and classes have given me the chance to really develop as a filmmaker and experiment  with actual 16mm film as well as DSLRs, setting up a working studio and shooting my projects to a professional standard.  

To top it all off, I have been fortunate enough to be employed by an awesome social media company, right across from the famous AT&T Baseball park (Yes, the one Kanye proposed to Kim at!). The opportunity to work in the States and build my credit, resume and portfolio is truly a priceless experience!

Living the dream!

– Claudia Drozda.

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