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Loughborough University

So I have now spent just over two weeks at my host uni – Loughborough University, England! Before I headed to my host uni though I used the opportunity of being in England to spend a couple days sightseeing in London. Some highlights of this included:  

Image1. Oxford Street, 2. Natural History Museum, 3. Science Museum, 4. Big Ben 


1. Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, 2. London Eye 3. A London Underground Station, 4. Camden markets


1. Buckingham Palace, 2. River Thames


1. A Mummy in the British Museum, 2. Admiralty Arch

After my time in London I caught a coach with a lot of exchange students from Heathrow to Loughborough Uni, which took about 2 hours travel. Since September is the start of semester one here, there are heaps of first year ‘fresher’ students new to the uni (just like me), so it was quite easy to bond with my flatmates and make new friends. Fresher’s week also meant that there were events on every day including sports tryouts, society bazaars and theme nights. 
ImageAn indoor ultimate frisbee tournament 

 At the end of the first week the university holds an event called ‘The Sing Off’, where all the halls (where people stay) go up against each other by screaming chants. My hall, Telford, didn’t get through the first heat but it was still one of the highlights of my time here so far. – preview video of The Sing Off


I am having such an amazing time here and am looking forward to all the university events that are in the works for the future.

Emma Graham

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