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Exchange in Hong Kong: Being an exchange student is tough

No sleep
No sleep

One of the main things I’ve acquired from being on exchange in hong Kong is time efficiency.

My time here has only been a month and the amount of things I’ve managed to do is pretty impressive when compared to the things I’ve done in Sydney.

This post will summarise my first month in Hong Kong in 2 parts.

I hope you enjoy!

Week 1 and 2.

Week 1!

These are the times where one familiarises with their new surrounds and inhabitants. For me the inhabitants that concerned me were the ones I would be spending time with for 5 months, this included mainly of the international students and the local students.

In an earlier post, I mentioned a little about Hong Kong’s nightlife. Wednesday is ladies night in Wan chai on Hong Kong Island and Thursday is pub crawl night in Lan Kwai Fung (LKF) on Hong Kong Island (you will hear a lot about LKF in my blog posts). As you may have guessed now Hong Kong island is like a party island usually frequented by foreigners more so than the locals. Hong Kong island houses the most interesting and loudest clubbing scene in HK, which consequently attracts the craziest party goers in the world.

The fabled LKF, party central for foreigners
The fabled LKF, party central
7/11 = pre-drinks.
7/11 = pre-drinks.

Second night: The pub-crawl.

The pub-crawls in HK are different to Sydney, the one I participated has been quite highly recommended by tripadvisor
Unlike the pub-crawls back home where groups of people hop from pub to pubs after a drink, the pub-crawl in LKF opens up 4 venues for pub-crawlers for a fee of 100 HKD. From what I remember, the first venue had a nice live reggae band with very very cheap drinks (~20HKD)

Jamaican me crazy!
Jamaican me crazy!

The second pub was kind of a pub which played deep house music and dubstep… I don’t remember the third or fourth venues… sorry.

Third day: Uni business

So this is the day I finally saw PolyU HK.

The campus is amazing, it is much better than UTS! Something that UTS isn’t but PolyU is , is that all the buildings are not separated in different parts of the city, the ‘wholeness’ of the campus made the University feel very big.
Big open areas with modern buildings.

Nice big building with a nice court yard for electrical engineering students
Roof top tennis courts!!! What now UTS?!!
Roof top tennis courts!!! What now UTS?!!
My view from building M, water view and the cross city tunnel
Titanic building :)
Titanic building 🙂

If you’re lucky to go to Hong Kong for exchange you may be lucky enough to have this awesome international affairs officer; Debbie Choi.
Very helpful lady, fixed my Visa and answered all my questions with out hassle!

Orientation: Debbie Choi and I

 Fourth and Fifth day: Saturday and Sunday Night

LKF AGAIN… Brb replacing my liver

Andrew Wong

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