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Architecture in Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen to learn about architecture was an incredibly enriching experience that allowed me to explore the city’s rich history and stunning design. As a student of architecture, I was eager to see some of the city’s most famous buildings and learn about the innovative design techniques used in Denmark.

One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, which is home to one of the best architecture programs in Europe. Here, I had the opportunity to attend lectures by prominent architects and learn about the latest trends in sustainable design. I was particularly inspired by the academy’s focus on creating buildings that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible, as this aligns with my own values as an architect.

Another memorable experience was visiting the famous 8 Tallet building, designed by the renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. This stunning building is a prime example of the innovative and sustainable design techniques that have become synonymous with Danish architecture. I was impressed by the building’s unique shape and the attention to detail in its construction, which showcased the precision and skill of the Danish architectural community.

In addition to visiting the city’s famous buildings, I also had the opportunity to explore some of Copenhagen’s lesser-known neighbourhoods, where I discovered a wealth of hidden architectural gems. One of my favourite discoveries was the Grundtvig’s Church, a stunning example of expressionist architecture that is unlike anything I had ever seen before. The use of light and shadow in the church’s interior created a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere that left a lasting impression on me.

Overall, visiting Copenhagen to learn about architecture was a truly enriching experience that opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas. I was impressed by the city’s commitment to sustainable and socially responsible design, and I gained a new appreciation for the skill and creativity of Danish architects. This trip has inspired me to continue learning and growing as an architect, and I look forward to applying the lessons I learned in Copenhagen to my future work.

Chen, Michael

Global Short Program Student (Faculty-Led)

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