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Explore and Experience Barcelona

I had never travelled to Barcelona, Spain. Hence I was especially interested in going on this studio tour to explore and experience a different city.

Travelling with my university friends was an incredible experience. We also travelling with the years below and above which was really lovely to meet others pursuing the same degree. In Barcelona we visited a few projects that were complete and under construction which was interesting to see the process of studios designing and developing in the city. As a group we went sight-seeing which was nice to have some leisure time to explore and experience the socio-culture of the city in addition to going on field trips to multiple studio projects. We saw places such as the Moco Museum, Park Guell, La Sagrada Familia, beaches.

In regards to visiting studio projects, the projects in Girona were my favourite.
We visited the Cap de Crues project and traversed through the rocky landscape which was surreal. The views were spectacular and sublime. Exploring the walk was a really lovely outdoor activity to do when visiting the coast – It was a great way to explore the Mediterranean coast. Staying and visiting the small quaint towns of Girona and Portbou, respectively, was amazing. The experience of seeing the everyday life of these small towns was really nice. We stayed in Girona for three nights which was the perfect amount of time to spend to explore the small town.

I really enjoyed exploring Barcelona and Girona with my cohort. Throughout the tour I learnt so much about the city and how studios design for their society. Sight-seeing was a rewarding experience as I got to see a different style of architecture and design of significant buildings and parks that reflected the culture of the city and town. I really appreciated taking a subject that allowed me to see how a different county lives its day to day life and what other cities do to improve their landscapes.

Paul, Anna Sanjana

Global Short Program Student (Faculty-Led)

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