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A Semester Abroad in Denmark

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Civil (Structures) and have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to study a semester overseas at DTU in Denmark. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and the university is situated half an hour out of the city center in Lyngby.

Academic Life at DTU

I am taking a mix of direct equivalent and elective subjects at DTU. One subject that is different from my usual courses is “History of Technology”. I am really enjoying this more research-based subject, and we have already been taken on two outings to Museums for the course (Lyngby Open Air Museum and Design Museum Denmark).

Life on Exchange

Beyond the academic life at DTU there are a huge range of activities and societies to join, personally I decided to get involved in the women’s Rugby and Climbing – I was very excited to find that there is a climbing Gym a couple of minutes from my dormitory.

The Orientation week was very well organized, with everyone being assigned groups with a mentor to show us around DTU and Copenhagen. I made my best friends here during that week, and we get together as a group often – just last week we did an international dinner, where everyone brought something from their country.


Before semester, I was able to travel throughout Europe, visiting Greece, Italy, France and Scotland! During the semester there are other opportunities to travel. I went on a university organized weekend trip to the other side of Zealand at the beginning of semester, and I will be able to visit Finnish Lapland on another DTU trip next month. Denmark is situated perfectly for visits to the other Nordic Countries, as well as the rest of Europe, so a weekend or day trip is never out of the question if it doesn’t interfere with your studies!

For anyone considering DTU as an option for Global Exchange, I couldn’t recommend it more. My advice would be to get involved in the orientation week activities, and as many societies/events as possible. This semester has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I’m only halfway through!

Evie Mort

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Civil (Structures), with a Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice

Global Exchange Student

DTU, Denmark

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