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Entering the world of startups in Singapore

I’ve spent two weeks in Singapore creating a start-up and pitched in front of investors, this is how it went!

Endeavour Singapore Innovation Program by HEX has pulled me into the world of start-ups. I may have learnt a few innovative methods and tools prior to this program, but I’ve always felt like an outsider observing through a clear glass. It felt like I was circling around this distant world.

HEX was like a sandbox, offering me support and confidence along my journey. The opportunity has allowed me to immerse myself into this world, where I’ve gained confidence in networking and pitching whilst adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

From these workshops, I’ve learnt about Goal Setting, Power Posing, Prototyping, Market Research, Growth Hacking and the importance of Personal Branding. That’s just a few!

Endeavour Singapore has offered a really engaging and interactive deliverance of our education. We weren’t boxed in a room, sitting passively and processing what the speakers have to say, instead it felt like we were actual founders, travelling from one location to another. One of the key things I’ve appreciated was how we weren’t just treated as students but were treated as founders.

On top of these workshops, I’ve developed my skills in networking. I remembered when I first started, I always had to be in a group. However as the program progressed, I found myself just networking and connecting with strangers at the lobby of my accommodation.

We also had the amazing opportunity to visit tech giants such as Zendesk, Google and KPMG! It was really insightful to see how the innovative tools and methods we’ve learnt in theory can be put into practice.

One of my cohort shared her wisdom with me during one of our DMC at Shake Shack. And that is, “When starting out, no one will promote you and that’s why it’s up to you to actively do so.”

Immersing myself into the Startup culture wasn’t just the best thing I loved about the program! It was the supportive environment and friends that you have! My cohort and I came from different walks of life. It was ironic, as going into the program I intended to make at least 3 friends, but made friends with everyone instead. I entered this program with strangers and left with a family and amazing memories of friendly banters, DMCs (Deep Meaningful Conversations) and impromptu stand-ups.

I’ve been insecure of how people perceive me when I voice out my passions and experiences, so I was always conservative about my online media presence. Ashwin’s LinkedIn Workshop has challenged my assumption. Ashwin has shown me that when used right, you can create meaningful connections.

Reaching out for help was another thing, a weakness I had to confront. Although, I wouldn’t say that I’ve 100% successfully accomplished getting over my fear of reaching out for help, I can definitely say that I’ve improved.

I highly recommend people who are interested in developing their leadership skills, startups and entrepreneurship or even widen their worldview to apply! You won’t regret this!

Jenifer Ly

Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Innovation

Global Short Program Student

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