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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Global Short Program

This winter, I was fortunate to be able to participate in a Global Short Program at Università Cattolica, Milan. Arriving in Milan, I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety, as this was the first time that I would undertake anything like this. After two years of online university, I was grateful and ready for a new opportunity to meet new people and experience a different culture and environment. At the start it felt like I had jumped in the deep end; all the signs were in a language I didn’t understand, and I had to quickly learn about the customs and norms of the city. The university held an orientation session on the first day which explained more about the school as well as the city itself, which was helpful in getting settled in. I took the class with two other UTS students, which was also very helpful as we were able to support each other.

The class itself had interesting content and the professor was really fun and passionate about the subject. The structure of the class that I took consisted of 4-hour classes every day for two weeks. Assignments were completed during class time, which allowed us to explore the city in our afternoons. We also had a field trip to the Campari Gallery which focused on their art and advertising history.

The entire trip was a long highlight reel, but there were a few things that stood out. Lake Como is a beautiful spot for a day trip or weekend away, and just a short train trip from Milan. Navigli is a neighbourhood within walking distance to the university and is a buzzing area surrounding the canal filled with restaurants and bars. Aperitivo is a tradition in Italy, and Navigli is a great place for this. All the food we tried was amazing and it would be hard to come across a bad meal in Milan.

Finally, I learnt so much by undertaking this Global Short Program. The course content was interesting and learning about mass media from an Italian perspective and history really enrichens the knowledge gained from UTS. An international program also allows you to grow in cultural competence and experience a life that is outside your comfort zone and bubble. I cannot recommend undertaking a Global Short Program enough. You will meet other students from around the world and gain invaluable experiences.

Darian Gunawan

Bachelor of Global Studies

Global Short Program student

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