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A program of knowledge

The Global Short Program was a virtual internship elective that I participated in, which gave me the opportunity to expand my connection and understanding of the Indo-Pacific region as well as increase integral interpersonal skills such as strengthening leadership.

The international component of the course was my online connection to a language school and architectural studio in Beijing who taught me many cultural habits and traditions that Chinese heritage is encompassed by. Studying abroad allows international students to perceive things from the host country’s vantage. This ensures the development of a knowledge base from the home country and host company, which is something I had the privilege of experiencing.

To take full advantage of this experience, I found organization to be one of the most important contributors. This applies beyond managing time, but also refers to having a clean and neat space to study, keeping files together and most importantly staying up to date on the course workload. This is especially relevant when dealing with possible language related communication barriers.
In saying this, I also enjoyed the flexibility in the class timetable which catered to working students. The lack of a strict time frame for discussion sessions made the pace of learning feel light and puts course coordination in the hands of students. The learning experience was less stressful through these means and was more fun and immersive.

The overall program was very enlightening and will undoubtedly contribute to my academic progress. I was able to collaborate with many culturally aware individuals who were able to highlight very important differences between Australia and China within my field of study.

Sarah Al-Jelani

Bachelor of Design In Architecture

Global Short Programs Student

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Recipient

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