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5 reasons to pick Shanghai University

Want to go out of your comfort zone? Experience a different culture and its delicious cuisine? Perhaps learn another language?

“Here I give you 5 reasons why Shanghai should be your next destination for Exchange.”


1. Travel – Centrally Located

Geographically Shanghai is perfect for travel as it sits centrally on the east coast. The city is equipped with two airports and a high speed rail network which stretches across the entire country. You can travel to Suzhou the Venice of the East in about 30 minutes and Hangzhou the picturesque West lake in under 1 hour on the bullet train. Beijing, the capital is never too far being only 4.5 hours by bullet train.

2. Food – Diverse Cuisine

Thinking about unlimited servings of dumplings?

“Shanghai is the perfect place as it is the birthplace of the famous steamed soupy dumplings.”


If that doesn’t convince you already try the four major cuisines in China. The Sichuan bold and spicy, Northern salty and crispy, Cantonese delicate and sweet, and Jiangsu fresh and balanced.  Also if you’re feeling a bit homesick you will easily find your favourite Aussie comfort foods such as an authentic sausage roll and a meat pie.

5 students sitting around a table filled with Chinese food

3. Culture – The Bund & French Concession

Shanghai being such an international city offers elements of both European and Asian forms of architecture. Take a stroll at night along The Bund’s waterfront promenade. You will witness Shanghai’s international settlement of Europeans with the architecture which is dichotomised with a view of the skyscraper buildings on the Pudong side. The French Concession also offers great sights and culture with its cafes, restaurants and bars.

4.History – Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Take a step back in time to view the propaganda posters from the Maoist era highlighting also the Cultural Revolution period. Something truly rare and a great experience. A must visit!

5. Arts & Entertainment – M50 Art District 

“Shanghai is the best city for international arts and entertainment with numerous music festivals and exhibitions.”


The M50 modern & contemporary art district offers an oasis of paintings, great cafes and a relaxing mood. Best way to spend an afternoon on the weekend.

Is China still a bit daunting? Don’t fear as Shanghai is still a bubble with its international history and culture. Most individuals speak English, signs are foreigner-friendly and the subway is convenient. You will never be bored when you get to Shanghai because there will always be something to do. Hop on a share bike and go explore the city!

Please email me if you have any queries or need any help:

Anthony Chu
Bachelor of Business
Shanghai University


2019 New Colombo Plan Scholar 

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