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Copenhagen University, Denmark

It has been a month since I arrived in Copenhagen, and I can safely say it has been one of the best months of my life. I have been staying at BaseCamp, which is student accommodation that is situated right in the centre of the city.  My room is lovely and spacious, and adding a few plants made it even better. The location of the accommodation is a major bonus as it makes getting around the city very easy. It has been summer, so a lot of time has been spent swimming and tanning by the harbour. There are many swimming spots in the city which get very busy after work and on the weekends.

Another popular activity is sitting in the parks and having a picnic or a few beers to make the most of the warm weather.

Throughout August, I attended the pre-semester Danish course. This was a great way to make friends from all over the world and learn a little bit of Danish to help at the grocery stores. The course ran in the mornings from Monday to Friday. On some afternoons there were trips to museums that were organised by the university. These included the Jewish Museum and the National Museum.

The staff at Copenhagen University have been great towards the exchange students and making sure we know what needs to be done before the semester starts.

 All classes begin next week with orientation happening this week. The orientation events have been a good way to get to know other international science students and also understand the different systems at the university.

I will be studying theoretical and experimental molecular genetics for the first half of the semester and immunology in the second half. I am excited to begin these subjects and experience a new method of teaching. The practical classes only have a maximum of 30 students. I can’t recommend this city enough for exchange. There is so much to see and do and adapting to the Danish lifestyle is easy. The next five months are going to be full of excitement, challenges and learning.

Amy Farnsworth
Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
Copenhagen University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:๏ปฟ

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