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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Netherlands

-How’s life in your host city? What’s the uni like?

Life in Rotterdam seems to be much more laid back then Sydney. The people are all lovely and are happy to help you navigate your way around the city – the most popular way to get around the city is by bike, I ended up buying one on my first day here.

– What is your accommodation like?

I am staying in the Hatta Building. The accommodation is great and the room a lot bigger than I thought it would be. You have your own room and you share a kitchen and bathroom with two other people. Be warned the mattress is uncomfortable and a lot of people end up buying their own. You will always need to buy your own plates, cutlery, pans etc. Just go to IKEA (15 mins away) with a roommate and you’ll be sorted.

– Have you taken up a new sport or activity while on exchange?

I have joined a few clubs; however, I am not really a sports person. I am interested in doing a Dutch language course whilst here and I kept my anytime fitness membership as there is a gym a 10-minute bike ride from the university.

– What have you found most surprising about your new country/culture?

I found it surprising how involved everyone gets in university life and the clubs / fraternities. At UTS I didn’t get involved in any clubs and didn’t think I would in Rotterdam either however when looking around at orientation week I realized it is a great way to meet new people with the same values and hobbies as you.

– Are you studying something really interesting or different to what you’ve done before?

Our semester is yet to begin however it is helpful to note that the equivalent of 3 UTS subjects is 6 Dutch subjects over 2 terms. You also have exams at the end of each term which for me is much different from the communications course at UTS as we don’t have any exams.

Emily Burke
Bachelor of Public Communication
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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