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IE University, Spain

So my name is Abhijeet Parge and I’m currently an student exchange for Spring 2019 at IE University in Madrid, Spain. So far, I’ve backpacked Europe for about a month, covering 12 countries in 7 different countries! I settled in to my student accommodation in Madrid about a week ago, however, the place is still fairly empty as the university semester is yet to start.

Honestly, I am loving Madrid so far! It’s great weather, the people are friendly, and the nightlife is great too. The best part about it is that everything is relatively cheap which definitely does big favours for my budget! I’m currently residing at MiCasa Inn Salamanca with 2 other friends from UTS. The rooms are fairly large and we get our separate bathrooms. The kitchen is shared, however, there are lockers in which you can keep your things when you’re not using them. The common rooms are great, there’s a gym, a pool table, table tennis, a small home gym as well as a cinema room! Currently, we basically have the entire building to ourselves as not many people have moved in, however, they should be here within the next week or so! The staff are also really friendly; however, it is a bit challenging to have a proper conversation in Spanish since we’re still learning the basics.

We haven’t started our university semester yet so there’s not too much that I can say about that. However, we did just get back from the La Tomatina festival in Valencia. It is essentially a festival in which about 22,000 participants have a tomato fight for an hour on a street in Bunol. As seen in the photos below, we had an absolute blast!

Abhijeet Parge
Bachelor of Information Technology
IE University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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