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Maastricht University, Netherlands

Stroopwafels, 3am bike rides, and copious amounts of beer are a few key words I would use to describe my last few weeks living in the beautiful city that is Maastricht in the Netherlands. Prior to arriving in this city I had been travelling across Europe with my best friend, visiting iconic places that I’d only ever dreamt of exploring. I had no idea that this small student town just under 3 hours from Amsterdam would be just as breathtaking to explore as some of the most popular tourist spots in Europe.

I have been living in student accomodation (Building C – definitely the place to be!) which is filled with buzzing excited exchange students from across the globe, all ready and eager to have a good time whether that be going pub crawling, city exploring or just lying in a park and listening to music.

Inkom week has just ended and I urge anyone who is considering exchange in Maastricht to definitely sign up! Inkom week is the city’s orientation week and is on a scale that I cannot even put into words! From foam parties, Cantus parties (where everyone throws beer in the air whilst singing along to songs and you are left looking like you have just come out of the shower), festivals, pool parties and more! Inkom Week takes over the whole city and is an amazing way to bond with locals and exchange students alike. It’s also a great way to explore Maastricht as the events planned during the week take you all across the city – so having a bike is a must!

One of the main aspects of Maastricht living that I have taken some time to adjust to (and still struggling to do so) is riding a bike around everywhere. One of the main tips I’d give is to buy a second hand bike as soon as you can, a sturdy lock (as bike theft is rampant here) and to always remember where you have parked your bike amongst the sea of other bikes (something I am still struggling to do).

Already, the ISN (International Student Network) have planned a trip for us to Oktoberfest at the end of next month. Given the distance and affordability of flying to other countries from the Netherlands, I and the other students have already started discussions about weekend trips to Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and much more! The beauty of living in Europe!

All in all, I cannot believe I have only been in Maastricht for 2 weeks. The experiences I have had and the people I have met have made my short time here incredible. I can’t even imagine how amazing the rest of my exchange is going to be.

Anna Tran
Bachelor of Business
Maastricht University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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