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Sogang University, South Korea

Sogang University is a Jesuit University located in the heart of Seoul, just two stops away from one of the few famous clubbing areas, Hongdae. Located in Sinchon, Sogang is close to not only public transport but cheap food, alcohol and shops! But before I dive into the story about how I was able to spend $60 AUD on more than just 1 piece of clothing unlike in Australia, let me introduce to you what studying in Sogang University is like.

Within South Korea, the most famous University are the S.K.Y universities: Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University. These three universities are usually the ones foreigners know about because they’re usually mentioned in the Korean dramas. However, Sogang University is actually really well known with locals in being in the top 5 universities within South Korea. Also, the University is located on a small hill, well mountain, so for those who are trying to avoid the Korea University hill, don’t make the same mistake as me because there’s more hills here.

Within Sogang, attendance is key! You can only be late 4 times before you get an absence and 4 absences mean you’ll fail the class. And yes, they count attendance right at the start so if you’re 1 minute late, you will be marked late! Within Sogang, for most classes, you get two 75 minute classes or just one 2 hour and 45 minute class a week. Unlike UTS, Sogang is really strict with homework so make sure you do it! Depending on your professor or class, sometimes you will have distinct lectures and tutorials whilst others are usually mixed. Another important point with Sogang is that if your class does not have enough exchange students, depending on your professor, they may change the teaching language of the class back to Korean even though it is registered as an English class! So make sure you have back-up classes or enough basic knowledge to help you understand!!

Now back to the fun stuff!

If you love fashion and cheap food then you’ll love it here in Korea! With cheap deals where you can buy multiple outfits (from head to toe) for just $50 AUD and cheap street food where you can be full and spend less than $10 AUD! Did I mention cheap alcohol yet because you can get unlimited cocktails for just $15 AUD!! Korea is a place where you can play hard after studying hard!! But before you come over, make sure you do your research because certain things aren’t acceptable!

Crystal Sharron Wu
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Sogang University
South Korea

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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