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Miami University (Ohio), United States

I’ve just completed my first couple of weeks at Miami University in Ohio and it has honestly been the best experience. Miami U is what I had imagined the perfect college town to look like, located 45mins away from Cincinnati, the entire town is dedicated to the University. Brick streets and colonial-style houses pave the way towards the beautiful campus which is surrounded with lush greenery.

The campus is huge and has everything you’d ever need. I’m staying in a newly refurbished hall of residence that even has a Starbucks connected to it, it’s so clean and the living areas are like a beautiful hotel. The Party Scene consists of a few small bars, a club called Brick Street, House and Frat Parties. Brick Street is the most popular for the students and they have different themed nights every week, it is always packed with people and you want to go early so you can get in. The Frat parties are exactly like what you see in the movies – so fun, loud music, cops are called often.

The class sizes consist of 20-25 students and the professors are so passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about their students succeeding in their class. Miami offers lots of really interesting subjects and has so many different extra-curricular activities. I’ve just joined a sorority and it has been such a surreal experience. I’ve had so much fun making connections with people from all around America and being the only Australian in the entire university!

I got into MU through the ISEP program and ISEP made the entire process relatively easy. I would definitely recommend going through ISEP as it completely streamlines the whole process. Eating American food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner has been an adjustment, and I’m definitely missing the more interesting varieties of food around UTS. That being said the food is fresh and can be really healthy if you want it to be. There are not many exchange students that come to Miami, so its really cool have a close-knit group of a few exchanges as well as hanging with the Americans. I have completely immersed myself in college life through joining clubs, a sorority, and a social soccer team and its the best way to make friends. I am honestly so glad I came to Miami, it is truly a life-changing experience.

Charlotte Tennant
Bachelor of Communication
Miami University
United States

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