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Hej from Uppsala!

It is now my third week in Uppsala, Sweden and I still can’t believe I’m really here.

I am living in Flogsta, famous for the “Flogsta Scream” which happens every night at 10pm and is used as a way to deal with the stress of university life. I share a corridor with 11 other students, with people coming from Sweden, India, Russia, Spain, France, Japan, Taiwan and Australia! The kitchen can get pretty crowded especially when we had our first corridor dinner, and all squeezed around our little table to eat tacos. I was extremely lucky with my corridor mates; everyone is so friendly and considerate (so we all keep the place clean)!

I spent the last two years living in UTS Housing, and definitely took advantage of essentially living across the road from my classes. Here, that is not the case. The subjects I’m currently doing are located at campuses which are 10 and 15 minutes away… by bike.

The cycling culture here is something that I really enjoy. There are bike lanes all through the city and heaps of overflowing bike racks. Luckily, Uppsala is pretty flat because otherwise I would be walking my bike a lot more often than I already am!

The semester structure here is quite different to UTS, it’s broken up into four study periods and certain subjects will during different periods. The subjects I’m currently doing are Robotics and Sustainable Development: Project Management and Communication, both of which run for the entire semester, and in November I start studying Wind Turbine Technology and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship.

My classes Robotics and SDPMC occasionally overlap and earlier this week, I went straight from a Robotics lecture – which was quite traditional, even with blackboards involved – into my Sustainable Development class where a guest speaker was running improv activities and a design thinking card game where my group had to invent a way for athletes to make friends that was also inflatable.

Although I have a few months to go, I know it’s going to fly by, and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me.

Paige Rottcher
Bachelor of Engineering
Uppsala University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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