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Lund University, Sweden

Hej from Lund, a cute little cobble street student town in the south of Sweden!

After 7 weeks of travelling around Europe, I met the mentor leaders at Copenhagen Airport and took the 40-minute train into Lund to begin 5 months of study. I’ve only been here for a month, and I already have had the best time ever!

Lund university provides all incoming international exchange students with a well-planned two-week orientation program from arrival day to the first day of semester which gives you so much time to explore Lund and meet new people. This program consisted of different pub nights, club nights, brunches, beach days, sports days, lush hikes, scavenger hunts, and barbecues where I made most of my friends and of course made the transition to Swedish life comfortable and so much fun. This was all in the midst of taking part in a two-week Swedish crash course which allowed me to understand the basics of Swedish, even though pretty much everyone here speaks English it’s always good to know. This was also when I was introduced to the concept of nations, which are the Swedish version of fraternities and sororities, everyone gets to join one of over 13 nations, which host various kinds of events every day which contributes to the strong student life culture in Lund and the unlimited exciting events on at any point of the week.

Once I settled into Lund, along with everyone else, I bought a bike and went to IKEA. Anywhere you are in Lund is accessible within 20 minutes cycle and with all the pretty parks and bike paths getting from A to B is so enjoyable (more people ride bikes than drive cars around here). It’s such a big change coming from Sydney to a small student town and biking to classes, parties and even the beach on a warm day. IKEA is also incredible for furnishing your new bedroom on a budget.

Another amazing aspect of Lund is the proximity to Copenhagen Airport and the access to cheap flights for a quick getaway to a European city of your choice (Skyscanner is your best friend). I’ve already done weekend trips to Nice and Prague and signed up for the ESN Lapland trip where the uni takes you up to go to the northern lights in December.

One tip I have if you’re considering Lund is to apply for accommodation in as many places as possible. I underestimated how competitive it is to find a room for a semester, and how it works on a first in first serve basis, so apply when it becomes available, but also everyone finds somewhere eventually.

I hope you have found my post helpful and helps you decide on Lund like other blogs did for me!! Exchange in Lund has honestly been the best experience so far and such a different experience to UTS. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Nina Carraro
Bachelor of Business
Lund University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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