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Ryerson University, Canada

Life in Toronto is a lot of fun, there are so many people around all the time! It’s always bustling. There is so much to do and there are heaps of nice food places and bars around, there are also heaps of students running around. It is also surrounded by so many parklands so leaving the city for the day and going on a hike in the mountains is really easy and relaxing. I went to this carnival called the CNE where we went on rides all day and ate yummy foods.

Ryerson is very much like UTS in the sense that it’s in the heart of downtown Toronto, there isn’t a defined campus as such it’s more of cool buildings all around the city. I haven’t started classes yet but at the orientation everyone seemed very welcoming and happy to help you. I`m staying in Neil Wycik and it’s very basic but worth the money that you pay. It was a little dirty at first but I’ve cleaned it and its fine now. Heaps of other exchange students are staying here as well so seems like it will be a lot of fun. They have free coffee every morning, a gym, yoga sessions and so much more. It’s also right across the road from the uni so very easy to get to. I’m thinking of taking up some of the free sport options but haven’t done so yet, there is also free gym membership included in tuition and the gym has extremely good facilities. The most interesting thing about Toronto has been the amount of activities you can do, there is always something happening or an event to go to within the city and the city is always filled with so many people. You can also go out every night of the week and find a pumping club, last week we went to a drag queen club on a Tuesday night which was so fun!

I also found the number of homeless in the city to be very surprising, the city is beautiful and I always feel safe but due to the competitive housing market there is a large number of homeless around the city, feels like more than Sydney which is something I was not expecting.

I was only able to study business subjects however I have picked real estate and economics which are different to my normal accounting and finance degree.

Shannon King
Bachelor of Business
Ryerson University

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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