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National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  • What are the facilities like at your host university?

NTU is a really beautiful and interesting university. The facilities are as you’d expect from a large university as this. It has the largest library collection in Taiwan, a number of museums and galleries, computer labs, and so on. On arrival you are assigned a buddy from your faculty as well, and they are able to help you out with any questions you may have about administrative or academic issues. The buildings themselves are definitely on the older, more rundown side, as they are historic buildings dating back to the Japanese occupation. However, there are a number of new buildings being constructed which mirror UTS’ modernist brutalist style.

  • How does the teaching style differ to that at UTS?

The main point of difference is that there are no lecture and tutorial combinations. Students usually only have one period of each class each week, and these tend to be small seminars, or medium sized lectures. Both tend to be quite interactive and the teachers are informed and engaging. Many classes may also invite guest lecturers who are experts in that week’s topic which is particularly interesting. But other than that, the style is quite similar.

  • Are you studying something really interesting or different to what you have done before?

NTU has a very wide range of classes so I have been able to study a really different load of classes this semester. The university offers a selection of courses designed specifically for international students which revolve around learning about the history, culture, politics, and environment of Taiwan which are really excellent. All international students are also able to enrol in Chinese classes, even if it is over their credit limit at home so that you can learn Chinese. These are really well taught, and I would highly recommend.

Life in Taipei is very comfortable with plenty of things to do, lots of nature, and lots of cheap, good food. The Prince House dorms where international students are housed are quite sparse but decent and provide a great opportunity to meet local and international students. NTU also has over 200 clubs and societies, as well as very cheap sporting facilities, so you can pick up a new activity very easily with everything covered from Tai Chi, to political discussion clubs, and shooting societies. You should really take advantage of this and check out all the different things on offer and try something new.

Alexander Giersz
Bachelor of Law & Communication (PR)
National Taiwan University

Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient.

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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