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IT University Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi! My name is Kalist, 3rd year Undergrad, and this is my entry for the UTS exchange blog.

I’ve been in my host country, Denmark, for two weeks now. I’m in the major city of Copenhagen, just outside the city centre. There have been some struggles getting settled in and ready to study, but also a lot of great things about my new city and surroundings!

The Danish culture doesn’t seem too different from Australian, although that may be as I’m from a European background myself. So far everyone has been extremely helpful and understanding, and also almost everyone I’ve met speaks English! Getting settled into my dorm was a lot less of an issue than I thought it would be. I share a common space with 3 other tenants, but have a room to myself.

One thing that has been troublesome about Copenhagen so far is their mineral rich “Hard Water” that while safe to drink, tastes awful to me, and can also cause a lot of issues with drainage and showers if not maintained properly. It also really dried out my skin and hair, until I was able to buy some local shampoo. Now that I’ve gotten through it for a bit, everything else has been smooth sailing. I’m also lucky enough to be right across the road from a major shopping centre. And in that there’s a store that has everything I could want. Imagine Target, Woolworths, Bunnings and Harvey Norman all together in one place.

I was able to rent a bike on a student discount and it’s been super useful for getting around the city. They have bike lanes on either side of the road, and the country is very flat so it’s easy to get anywhere cycling (great for fitness!)

Aside from the cycling, the other modes of transport are buses, trains and the metro. These are all super quick and easy to get onto. They have a tap system similar to opal cards, and they arrive on time and even during peak are never too full, which is a welcome change from Sydney!

I’ve had some time to go around the city centre and see a lot that Copenhagen has to offer, it really is a nice country that aside from a little at the start, I haven’t felt daunted about. I’m looking forward to my 6 months here greatly and am thankful for the opportunity!

Kalist Uremovic
Bachelor of Information Technology
IT University Copenhagen  

For more information about the UTS Global Exchange program please visit:

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